Hopefully, you are like me and you love those Sonic restaurant commercials. Those guys crack me up. Living in LA, you don’t see too many Sonics. In fact the closest one is in Anaheim some 30 miles away from Hollywood. So when I checked into my hotel in Lexington Kentucky and saw a Sonic just up the road I decided to go see what the funny commercials are all about.

It’s a drive-in but they allow foot traffic. Whew! The food was what you would expect from a fast food place. I wasn’t in love with the prices. What did wow me was the girl who brought my food out on Roller Skates. She was, as the kids say, “sick with it.” She deftly whizzed my food to me on a tray without dropping a morsel. Something about a person rollerskating makes spending money a little easier. Imagine your mechanic telling you you need a new transmission. Now imagine him rollerskating backwards, spinning around, and coming to a stop just inches away from you then breaking the news to you.

YOU: A new transmission? Yeaaaaaaa! Do the spin again!…Do it again...

Okay, maybe you wouldn’t be that excited but it would soften the blow. The Sonic took me back to the times depicted on the show Happy Days. As a rule black people aren’t too keen on going back. Perhaps we can go back a la carte?