So I’m in the Bucks rocking a Triple 5 Soul Shirt.  Triple 5 Soul makes quintessential hip hip-hop/ skateboard wear.  Although now I have moved on to Teruo gear.  My Compliments Per Wear (CPW) are about 40% higher with Teruo shirts then they are with 555 Soul shirts.

So when I’m in a 555 shirt, I’m usually playing the cut (Ebonics for Incognito).  So imagine my surprised when on my way to the bathroom, I felt an arm reach out and grab me.  I looked down and saw a very meaty forearm holding my arm.  I looked up to see an older gentleman that I instantly recognized as someone who could kick my ass.  Funny how, as a man, there’s some guys you are willing to mix it up with and then there’s others that you just know would destroy you… even if they are sixty two.

The gentleman spoke and instantly confirmed my suspicion.  He asked me if I was from Poland.  I knew those were Eastern block forearms.  Is it me or do guys from Eastern Europe have bigger forearms than everybody else?  I nervously laughed as I thought to myself….Please don’t beat me up Mr. Eastern Block who’s been through more than I could imagine and could probably kill me with one hand…

He laughed and told me I had a Polish flag on my shirt.  Unreal that I’ve had the shirt for 5 years and never knew that.  He seemed happy about me wearing the Polish flag.  We shared a chuckle and I exhaled.

Crazy how we reduce everything to Pop Culture. You show me a great cause or a revolution and I’ll show you a funny bumper sticker or cool T-Shirt.  Poland has a rich history and I’m walking around unknowingly wearing her flag.  This reminds me of the time I went to Israel and the girl I was dating at the time begged me not to wear my camouflage pants.  I acquiesced thinking all along it was an unnecessary precaution.  My run in with the Polish ex-pro wrestler now has me thinking it’s a good idea to wear non-affiliated clothing when traveling.

I need to research the rest of the patches on my triple 5 Soul shirt.  This would not have happened if I was wearing the new hotness aka one of my Teruo shirts.