Today marked the first full day of the 09 Football Schedule. People have been gearing up for this for the past few weeks. Fantasy Football leagues have had drafts, favorite beer mugs have been polished, flat screens have been purchased. And how did I kick off the NFL’s kick off?

I watched Women’s Professional Bowling.

It was on when I turned my TV on and I found it intriguing so I didn’t turn the channel. I used to watch bowling and wrestling with my grandmother so both make me instantly nostalgic. I also, for the most part, find professional women bowlers attractive. I think it’s their attainable, real, girl next door look. In actuality most of them are married and unattainable (Maybe that’s why I like them?….hmmn…). I’m also a big fan of women Pool players. I suppose that can be more easily read into. Women with sticks is always fun, as long as they aren’t mutilating them.

The woman I was routing for lost the match in the last frame by missing badly and leaving a 4-6-7-10 split. Ouch! Picture a smile with all the middle teeth missing and just the sharps ones on the sides left. Not cute in any vain unless the smiler is under 5. This holds true in bowling as well.

Why do we watch sports, or anything for that matter? To be entertained. And what makes it entertaining?…Close games, Suspense, seeing the participants go through the full gamut of emotions as they fight for victory. Well my bowling match had all of that except the players weren’t roided up freaks of nature with zero body fat. Quite the contrary actually.  That’s a good thing in case you were wondering.

I may watch football tonight to get back in touch with my inner Tarzan.