Dubai Series: 3rd Installment: Shop Til you Drop Knowledge (Funny Blog from Comedy Central’s Dwayne Perkins)

I actually visited two different malls on my 4 day stint in Dubai.  I felt a bit silly going to the mall.  You don’t travel across the world to go to a mall.  But I needed an adapter for my cell phone.  Luckily for me the mall my concierge sent me to doubled as a museum/theme park.  You could shop or explore all the countries visited by Arabic explorer Ibn Battuta.


Each section of the mall is named after one of the countries he visited.  Each has a motif and food court indicative of their respective countries.  Plus there’s a huge display dedicated to Ibn Batta.  A junior high school girl could go to Forever 21, meet some cute boys and do a book report all in one afternoon.  A grandma could put on a powder blue jump suit and seriously get her speed walk on as he strolled through: Andalusia, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India, and China.


Shopaholics can site their thirst for knowledge as the reason they have to go to the mall every week.

SHOPAHOLIC: I went there to study… but I had to buy this jacket…it was marked down from 500 Dirhams!

Somehow this huge mall that looks like 6 different countries had four Starbucks.  That’s 600 Sarah Mclachlan CDs if you’re keeping score at home.

When you’re in a place that averages temps of 90, trips to the mall begin to make more and more sense.  This way you can feel a little more cultured and a little less lame, all while saving on air conditioning costs.

Shout out to Cell Com for having Treo accessories. (Yes I still have a Treo…well Centro to be exact)

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