Dubai Series: 2nd Installment: Knock the Man Off Your Polo Sweater(Funny Blog from Comedy Central’s Dwayne Perkins)

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Every time you go to Dubai you’re probably going to experience a fair amount of “firsts.”My recent trip to Dubai provided me with my 1st polo match.Well, my 1st polo match viewing.  Although, I was ready to jump in and play as long as they were okay with my new “flat on your belly hand around the horse’s neck,” riding style.

Here’s the kicker…no one in attendance paid any attention to the polo match.  It was more like a fashion show and a polo match broke out.  Maybe the onlookers were used to the majestic animals going full speed and stopping on a dime then changing direction or the riders hitting a little ball with a stick while galloping at full speed.  Or maybe looking cute and sipping libation takes precedence over thrilling action.

I was torn between being mellow like every one else and rooting like I do at Baseball games.

ME: Get glasses Ump, that was legal a bump?!Nice Back Shot!

If I didn’t have to perform for the crowd after the game I may have had more fun with the cheering.

The most excitement came when one of the riders fell off his horse.  Everyone watched with abated breath.  When he turned out to be okay everyone exhaled a sigh of relief and went back to ignoring the match.

Crazy how all of the people I grew up with who wore Ralph Lauren -Polo Brand clothing like it was a religion will never even sniff an actual polo match…I ignored one.

How was the after show?  Well, let’s see…an outdoor comedy show for a bunch of tipsy, apathetic people (most of whom spoke English as a 2nd or 3rd language), with a huge fountain separating the comics from the crowd…How do you think it was?  It’s the kind of show where you just race through your jokes while you picture your paycheck.

2 thoughts on “Dubai Series: 2nd Installment: Knock the Man Off Your Polo Sweater(Funny Blog from Comedy Central’s Dwayne Perkins)

  1. me!

    Thanks for the last paragraph–that was actually the biggest question on my mind.

    I was just trying to picture it, especially since I saw a clip from the first Dubai trip, and it was even clear then that the language/cultural thing affected the audience response, and those were much better circumstances, I suspect.

    It must be a kick to go to Dubai, and it must also be reassuring that you know the check will clear. And I suspect that you don’t have to worry about hostile audiences.

    But yeah, the scenario definitely looks like a get-through-it and keep-smiling type of situation.

    I do hope your forays to Dubai gave you some good raw material to work with, though. Between polo matches, indoor skiing, all that cash, and the obvious desire for “western” comedy (even if it’s at times imperfectly understood), it seems that there should be some good stuff to work from.

  2. Judh

    Telling jokes over the sound of running water from a fountain must have felt like people were cheering and wouldn’t shut up!!

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