Dubai Series: 1st Installment: Ski At Last(Funny Blog from Comedy Central’s Dwayne Perkins)

So for my second time in Dubai I just had to partake of one of the things Dubai is famous for.  That’s right folks I went skiing in the indoor, man-made ski slopes…in the mall! I don’t usually advocate this kind of excess.  I mainly did it just to say I did.

But what started as whimsy quickly proved to be worth it.  I’m a convert.  I’m totally in favor of indoor skiing.  There’s nothing like going to the mall with shorts on, eating an Auntie Annie’s pretzel then hitting the slopes.  No 5 hour drive, no snow tires, no jacket. Just show up and ski and when you leave its still 85 degrees outside.

I know we’re supposed to be going green.  Many of you reading this are already green…with envy (I couldn’t resist).  Don’t be hatin’!  I guess we have to pick and choose what to environmentally splurge on.  I say add indoor skiing to the splurge list.  I for one am willing to watch an hour less of TV per week and occasionally carpool if it means I get to Ski, then head over to the Gap for a Jersey knit cotton, super soft T-shirt.  I’ll just skip “For The Love of Ray J” every week.  Are you willing to give up “For the Love of Ray J” for indoor skiing?

At Ski Dubai, you get a jump suit with the price of the ski rental.  Ski Dubai even has a little “lodge” at the top of the slope in case you want to grab a hot cocoa and join in on a few sing-a-longs.  Skiing is basically going up slow just to go down fast.  I don’t see why we need to drive hours from home in the freezing cold to engage in that exhilarating monotony.  Plus , it’s like being in a huge refrigerator and I’ve always kind of wanted to know what it would feel like to be cold cuts.

Oh yeah, I hadn’t skied in over 15 years and I went down the slopes 7 times without wiping out. (That’s of course if you don’t count the one time I wiped out getting on the ski lift. That shouldn’t count right?)

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  1. me!

    Cool! A sneak-peak at the cover art for Dwayne Perkin’s upcoming “Big in Dubai” CD!

    Please tell me you got a signed model release from that guy on the right.

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