So I Creep…Yeah…

Let’s workout a little math/logic problem:

*Most women don’t like creepy men

*Most men, even good ones, can become creepy around scantily clad women

*Many women dress scantily clad given the opportunity (ie Halloween and bars)


*Many women may want guys to not be creepy but are unwilling to help them in that endeavor.

Everyday, especially in Southern California, is an epic battle between men and women.  The women seem to secretly want guys to be creepy so they can say…”What a creep!”  And guys want to get away with some modicum of creepy behavior without being labeled a creep.  I was hanging with a wily veteran who has actually mastered the art of using reflections to people watch without being caught.  I’m talking shiny cars, mirrors in bars, a big soup spoon….That’s a lot of skill and cunning just to get a second look at a beautiful woman who has on an outfit that dares you not to look.

I’ve always thought it odd that people wear less clothing to beaches and pools than they sleep in. A wife in a nighty will put on a robe when her husband’s friends come over but will wear a bikini, which reveals more than her nighty, in front of those same friends if they’re at the beach.  I wonder what takes precedent if you live in a beach house? Let no one say that i’m afraid to ask the tough questions.

The bottom line is we all want attention.  Some people need oodles others just a smidgen but no one can get by with none.  The problem is our current setup can lead to regular, respectful men with a healthy and innate appreciation of women getting bunched in with real life creeps.  Okay, you caught me taking a second look but that’s not going to get me on Dateline and I’m sure even Chris Hansen says…Damn Ma!… every now and again.

I have no problems with a woman in an itsy bitsy tinnie winnie yellow polka dot bikini but do you also need glitter and some push up device to go along with it?

If a rich man doesn’t want a gold digger than it would behoove him not to flash his riches.  Even better, he should get a job at McDowells.

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