Hi, My Name is…..

Have you ever considered this:

You probably can’t name your kids the same name as any of your Ex’s.  I’m no Wilt Chamberlain but I am running out of names I like, in case I ever have a daughter.  In fact my favorite name is already off the board.  I had a long term relationship with a girl, whose name I absolutely adore.  Even with us not working the name still stands as a great name (Sometimes a person can destroy a name…see, Adolf and Atilluh).

When I meet a new girl now I almost don’t want to know her name.  Flavor Flav had it right giving his girls silly nicknames.  It’s not like he’s going to name his daughter, “New York” or “Hoops”.

I’m going to start giving new girls I meet names randomly generated from one of those validation programs.

ME:  Meet my girlfriend, Ice Fish.  I met her in the Beverly Center.

One thought on “Hi, My Name is…..

  1. Angela C.

    Ha ha ha! I can’t wait to hear what the name generator comes up with!

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