I can’t believe I forgot to tell this story earlier.  I was recently sitting in coach on a packed plane before takeoff.  As I walked out of the bathroom after my customary pre-takeoff tinkle, who do I see walking down the aisle toward me?; none other than Hip Hop God, Doug E Fresh.Doug is Hip Hop royalty in every sense of the word.  He’s the original beat boxer and the best entertainer of all time in Hip Hop.   He introduced the world to Slick Rick and his song “The Show” is still one of the top 5 hip hop songs of all time.

Yes, even better than “This Is Why I’m Hot” or “Booty Meat”.

I couldn’t believe I was going to walk past the great Doug E Fresh.  Even more unbelievable was the fact that he was in coach.  I know not all Hip Hop pioneers made the money they deserved and maybe Doug was just practicing a sensible MST (Money Saving Technique) but it just felt wrong for one of Rap’s best ambassadors to be with the rest of the dregs in coach.

I casually mentioned to the flight attendant as Mr. Fresh walked toward us…

ME: Oh s&@t! That’s Doug E Fresh, The world’s greatest entertainer!

Flight Attendant: That guy?

ME: Yep, he’s a friggin’ legend, the best of all time. The best I tell ya!!

Then I casually walked by Doug E. I didn’t want to bother him so I just gave him a pound and I said Shalom.

The plane was packed and the only way to accommodate some of the people waiting on standby was to bump some people up to First Class to make room in Economy.  I looked up and saw that the flight attendant I just spoke to was escorting Doug E Fresh up to First Class.  I would like to think my jock riding (enthusiasm for the ebonically challenged) helped get Doug up in First Class where he deserves to be on any plane…and in our hearts.

I felt good, like I had corrected a grave error and it didn’t matter to me that the guy sitting next to me smelled like chicken noodle soup and not in a good way.

6 minutes Doug E Fresh, you’re in First!