Time and time again we hear the phrase,”in these economic times.”, it’s quite lame because it’s an innocuous statement that does nothing to hint or capture how we got here. It’s like a friend who crashed your car and refers to it as “that time your car was crashed.”

I’m not here to state the reasons for our economic demise. Although I’m told it’s a mixture of many things but the two foremost culprits are the sub-prime housing loan collapse and banks over leveraging. (yeah, I don’t know that it means either. Mainly a bunch of borrowing that couldn’t be paid back.)

Through it all though, the one job that hasn’t been eliminated is the guy/girl who rips your tickets at the movies. I mean you can buy your tickets online, use a kiosk to print them out, but you still need a person to rip your ticket as you enter. Can’t they find a trusty robot or a fail proof turnstile? And now that people are going to the movies in record numbers because that’s all they can afford, the movie ticket rippers are in high demand. The good ones, the ones who can rip the ticket and give you back your stub all with one hand can basically name their price.

That guy in your neighborhood, who’s actually adding a wing onto his house, in these economic times, may very well be a world class movie ticket ripper. So don’t lament over the job market, instead work on your one handed ticket tear.