Remarkably, someone at Telesis Bank read my recent blog about their Twitter account (Twitter Quitter) and responded to me! How’s that for customer service. He wasn’t even a tad bit upset at my subtle dig at them for having a Twitter account. He was upbeat and courteous. In all seriousness a Credit Union probably has more to Twitter about than a party girl from Orange County or even Flavor Flav for that matter.

Flavor’s latest Twitter…(as I imagine it)
Just looked at my chest and guess what…I still know what time it is boyeeee. Why won’t Chuck D return my calls?

Even when I wrote the blog I felt the credit union’s twitter was more useful than I imagined. First off, to say that would not have been funny and Secondly, I still think that useful information doesn’t necessarily need to be delivered at break neck speeds in 140 character chunks.

Here’s Brian from Telesis Credit union’s response to my blog*:
Thanks for your shout-out to our exciting Twitter site! While we can’t take sole credit for upping the lameness quotient on Twitter, we’re glad to do our part! 🙂

Seriously, though, we hope that using Twitter occasionally gives us a chance to have a different sort of conversation with our members. Remains to be seen if they want to have that conversation, too!

Brian Siegel
Telesis Community Credit Union

Telesis sees all my friends. I recently contacted some other banks for a sizeable loan that I more than qualify for. I could barely get them on the phone and they would be making a lot of money off me over the long run. I drop a blog about Telesis and not two days later I get a detailed friendly response. They took the time out to write back to me, a G-Lister. I should start banking with them or at the very least hire them to be my publicist.

I got nothing but love for you Telesis Credit Union….You too Brian.

*Comment was posted on my blogger site