I don’t particularly like doing nothing. When you’re doing nothing, how do you know when you’re finished? 🙂 I’m more into doing nothing that looks like something more than I am into overtly doing nothing. I’ll “organize” my files while I watch a Law & Order marathon. Of course, I get nothing done but I have some activity to at least make me feel productive and I’m in the comfort of my own messy home.

I recently tried to do nothing with friends. I tired just sitting out by the pool. It was way more tiring than doing something active. After a few minutes, I felt like tenderized meat. I kept looking up expecting to see someone shaking adobe seasoning powder on me.

How is doing nothing, laying in the hot direct sunlight, better than watching DVDs at home with a thermostat within arms reach? Then I went into the pool to cool off. Okay, now it’s bearable but how long can a person just stand in water…said the native New Yorker who can’t float or tread. I guess I’m more of a running through a sprinkler guy.

I get it, it’s all about having fun on your vacation, but why does all this relaxing have to happen outside in high temperatures? How about relaxing indoors and maybe enjoying the outdoors when the sun goes into hiding?

All this pool, beach and sun bathing is really adults’ attempt to recapture a bit of their carefree youth, when getting wet was just about the most fun you could have. But the adults can never recapture that joy. But what do I know? Good luck with the sunburn.