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So I needed to find the hours of a local credit union so I could deposit some sweet sweet cash. (Actually not cash but sweet sweet check doesn’t have the same ring.)I went to one credit union’s website and Lo And behold they have a twitter account…Huh?

We’re talking a bank people! What 140 character information chunks do they need to dispatch all throughout the day? Isn’t a bank being on twitter the beginning of the end? Could twitter become lame smack dab in the middle of its burgeoning coolness?

Well, you can keep your Ashton Kutcher, I’m following the Telesis Credit Union.

At 1:31pm they twittered:

We’re working on our new Rewards program…more details coming soon!

Thank God they got that information out.  Seems to me twittering is like reverse stalking.  For years it was bad to stalk.  We even convicted those we caught doing it and now we basically invite everyone to stalk us.  Lift the restraining orders…

STALKER:If she had a twitter account I would never have bought those binoculars… I just wanted to know what she was eating and doing every hour or so…

I have not thrown my hat into the Twitter mix*.   I would like to say that I won’t ever join Twitter but I’ll probably fold at some point and be compelled to let the world know I’m in a donut shop eating a Turkey sandwich and washing it down with a milk tea Boba or using my perfect push-ups bars while watching Judge Mathis.

Twitter asks, “What are you doing”? Answer: Not a damn thing but reporting what I’m doing…or should I say not doing.  Twitter is like organized group Terrets.  Stalking is the new black.

*QSN:  I’ve decided to throw my metaphoric hat into the mix.  I’ve folded, my Twitter account is @funnydp.  Feel free to digitally stalk me.

Want real excitement?Check out the Telesis Credit Union’s Twitter account.

3 thoughts on “Twitter Quitter

  1. me!

    A twittering bank? In most cases this would be like watching a car accident in slow motion:

    “Mayday! Mayday! Reserves low! Reserves low! FDIC at the door! OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD”

  2. me!

    Sorry to be hitting your comment section so hard. I’ve clearly got too much time on my hands at the moment.

    But I just saw the Rooftop clip (Skyline Comedy Club/Dependable Homeless), and all I can say is this:

    Best. Punchline. Ever.It’s–dare I say it–“unforgettable.”

  3. eComm

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your shout-out to our exciting Twitter site! While we can’t take sole credit for upping the lameness quotient on Twitter, we’re glad to do our part! 🙂

    Seriously, though, we hope that using Twitter occasionally gives us a chance to have a different sort of conversation with our members. Remains to be seen if they want to have that conversation, too!

    Brian Siegel
    Telesis Community Credit Union

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