Shout out to Heart’s, my local breakfast spot. It was the classic look that first got my attention, well that and the $3.99 pancake, egg, sausage & bacon combo. I said to myself…

ME: “self, you got to try HAUGHTS!”(modified for my NY accent)

I took heed to my own advice and went inside and I’ve been going there for 3 years now. It’s straight out of the seventies. It looks so much like a diner that it almost seems fake. Like something constructed for filming purposes but not really serviceable. It’s serviceable my friends. They make the bomb pancakes and French toast. They even have killer dinner specials. You can eat like Kobayashi* for under 10 bucks. I’m talking bread, soup, entrée and dessert all under 10 bucks. The place is actually run by a Chinese family. So here’s the kicker…you can also get Chinese food. You can sit across from a friend eating pancakes while you down some Egg Foo Young. Choices people, that’s what America is all about.

But if you go to Hearts make sure you get a beverage, coffee, tea or juice. There’s a notable dip in service and friendliness if you don’t.
SERVER: Coffee, tea, juice?
ME: No thank you.
SERVER: No?! There’s your menu on the floor…I’ll be back never

Maybe their profit margin is too low to take the hit of people eating without having a beverage?  Or maybe the otherwise friendly owners used to own a Comedy Clubs and just can’t get the notion of a two drink minimum out of their systems. Still a thumbs up though. Great job Hearts! Cash Only btw.

* famous competitive eater. Pioneered the “dipping hot dogs in water before you eat them” style of overeating.