So I’m in Seattle for a couple of days and I just left the first Starbucks ever!  It’s like seeing the first roach or adding the first band ever to join myspace.  Can you imagine only 1 Starbucks?!  I can’t even picture only 1 Starbucks per New York City square block.  We forget that even some of the biggest corporate behemoths were once Mom and Pop shops.  Should we glorify their rise or denounce it?  Job well done or job done too well? Are they stifling competition or just real good at it?  The answer to those questions is beyond the scope of this blog.  You know there are some Seattleites who remember when…

Seattleite: … Starbucks was cool before it got all lame and everybody started going…

Probably the same folks who curse the day Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” hit the airwaves and then they had to share their hometown heroes.  And maybe these same people remember when Microsoft was cool, before it got all Lame and every PC came with Windows preinstalled on it.  Okay, maybe I went too far.  It was interesting to be in this tiny store that basically took over the world of coffee.

Starbucks dominance is odd when you consider they’re not even Seattle’s Best coffee. **

The store was packed, which is probably why they opened more. The 1st Starbucks was actually sans seats so I had to find another Starbucks to work in. Good thing there’s one up the street.

** Sorry for the lame joke but I couldn’t resist.

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