Since when is Gum Illegal?

I recently purchased some delectable Starbucks mint gum. And by delectable I mean overpriced. Saying delectable makes me feel a tad bit better about paying the same for Starbucks gum that I pay for a sandwich at 7-11. Actually neither one is a very good idea…

MY WALLET: You’re really buying gourmet gum?! I guess you want me to be empty.
MY STOMACH: A sandwich from 7-11?! I can handle it but I shouldn’t have to! I’d rather be empty.

The latest Starbucks gum container looks like a slim cell phone. Which got me to thinking…What if I drove around holding the Starbucks gum case to my ear here in; they just implemented a hands free driving policy, California. And when the cop pulls me over I can show him it was gum all along and say…

DWAYNE: Is there a problem officer? Since when is chewing gum illegal?

Would I still get the ticket? Would the laugh be worth the beating?
If anyone wants to give this a try and report back to me, that would be awesome.

QSN: Why has gum packaging become so fancy? On the plus side it kind of makes me feel like James Bond but it’s only so long you can pretend your gum package is a GPS/stun-gun combo. At the end of the day it’s just gum. What’s next, Lipstick on a pig?

One thought on “Since when is Gum Illegal?

  1. Anonymous

    Maybe the cop would cut you some slack ‘cos you were so minty-fresh!

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