Sloppy Copy

A while back my PC crashed.  Luckily I was under warranty so it was a nuisance more than it was a tragedy.  Anticipating a crash, I decided to just throw some files unto my external hard drive for safe measure.  The “time remaining info” on the file copy went berserk.  It kept drastically changing as if the computer had something else to do.  All of a sudden my computer turned into a sheisty contractor, giving bad estimates and going over budget.  At one point my computer said it would take 41,661 days to copy the files.DWAYNE: Now you look here computer.  I’ve copied files before and I know how long it should take.

Since I’m no pushover, the computer agreed to copy the files in 32,611 days instead.  But I drive a hard bargain my friends.  I got him down to 21,452 days and 19 minutes.  Great, my files will be copied just in time for me to witness the birth of my great grandchildren.

I think I could copy all the files writing with my left foot quicker than that.  Clearly, this was a mistake on my computer’s part and a sign of things to come with that machine. It just seems that the machine would be able to sense how silly and unacceptable that amount of time is, even if accurate, and just say time remaining not available.  Plus, if I wait 21,452 days for the files to copy, then that’s on me.

CONCERNED FRIEND: Whatever happened to Dwayne.
FRIEND IN THE KNOW: He went mad waiting for some files to copy.  He won’t stop waiting.  He lost his family and everything.  We tried an intervention but he just kept rocking back and forth saying “Just 19,440 days left”

Hi, I’m a PC…. and I’m Senior Citizen.

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  1. La Reine

    I had an external hard drive do that to me once, nothing as maddening as 41,661 days though. Then again, I had no warranty.

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