Like Looking in a Mirror

I was at an audition for a TV role a while back, sitting calmly in the waiting room hoping the others in the room couldn’t see my vitals skyrocketing as my turn to go into the room neared.  Somehow I’m calm when I go in for commercial auditions though.  I either don’t care or only care about the process and not the result; as I have a sense that the factors that go into their selection are too many and too elusive to concern myself with.  This approach has probably helped me book commercials.  I haven’t been able to transfer that calm to movie and TV auditions though.  Commercials are the girl I don’t pay much attention to who somehow still thinks I’m rad.  And TV and movies is the girl I would cut my pinky toe nail off for but doesn’t like me “that way”.

But I digress.  This blog isn’t about my audition woes. No my friends, this tale has a happy ending.  Well, not “I booked the TV show” happy but still, I didn’t leave in a defeated sweat.  As I sat in the waiting room, a white lady of maybe 45 walked out from her audition.  She walked by me, did a double take and came back to my chair.  At this point her actions warranted an explanation and before I could ask she said….

WOMAN: I was adopted and I see you and me have the same nose so you never know maybe we’re related from past relatives or distant cousins.

She was glowing at the possibility.  We had a heart felt chuckle and she was on her way.  At first I had a tinge of sadness for her, that she has these thoughts always running in her mind because she doesn’t know her real parents.  But then I thought, it must me nice to make-up a family in your head, probably way more intriguing than the truth.  Besides, maybe she’s right.  I do have an odd nose and we’re both actors.  Why not stop there though? Maybe our great granddad to the 26th power was Caesar himself (I’ve been told I have a Roman nose.)  And props to her for picking me as her fantasy family member.  Way to be progressive and non-cliché all at once.  As I started to formulate a family tree in my head that could include both me and my long lost cousin I heard….

CASTING LADY: Dwayne?  Come in.  Thanks for coming.  Any questions…

If I don’t get picked maybe my “cousin” will.
We weren’t going in for the same role BTW

2 thoughts on “Like Looking in a Mirror

  1. La Reine

    Do you screen comments?
    Or do you not get any? ..Comments, that is.

    Anyway, you’re hilarious and I will be back.

  2. Anonymous

    I hope you see her again.
    Get a photo!!

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