3 thoughts on “Dwayne Perkins Video Blog 2

  1. HelenTheHermit

    You answered my question! That’s so great!! I feel quite famous myself now.

    Good answer.

    In a couple of years, I expect to see your video blogs with a view of the rainforest in the background.

  2. aliciaisabrowngirl

    Hey Dwayne,

    Sooo, I was talking with my students today (at my fly hip hop based youth program in North MPLS) and we are looking for ways to change our eating habits this summer. The students make fun of me because I am very much invested in organic food, free-range meat, sustainable farming – they all think I’m crazy. I make sure to have different food around because I care and want them to know about different options.
    Our program is in a forgotten neighborhood in MPLS (swear, I’m actually building up to a few good questions here); there are no healthy food options. I’ve brought them to my inexpensive health food store a few times. I know they feel uncomfortable in their Tims and door knocker earings, but I tell them that we belong there too – lets own our piece too!


    SO! What advice would you give my students about changing their eating habits (away from yellow and red drink or hot fies)?
    What do you suggest I do to get them interested and comfortable?
    What is your favorite healthy meal?
    Do you feel that healthy eating habits have been misplaced from the tables of many people of color?

    I only ask cause you are brown and you look healthy – someone for my students to look up to! Keep up the good work, brotha!

    I like to write a lot. Sorry so drrrawwwn out. 🙂

    Much Peace,

  3. Anonymous

    how about painting the wires the same color as the wall?

    – sab

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