3 thoughts on “Comedian on Call…My 1st Video Blog

  1. Anon

    Yea you with the video blog up!!!

  2. me!

    Good start (even though I know zilch about basketball). And hooray for neon signs!

    How about a brief bio? You’ve mentioned in your act that your mom is not much older (15 years?) than you are, and we know you’re originally from Brooklyn. I’ve also seen it mentioned somewhere that you did computer programming prior to going into comedy.

    My guess is that the transition from programming to comedy involved a lot of open-miking and early rough patches. I think a lot of people would be interested to hear about how that works, how it worked for you, and the “level of effort” (Ha! A turn of phrase you thought you left behind from your computer days!) that is involved in that process.

    Many people may not be aware how much work goes into becoming professionally funny, and I think it would be interesting to hear your perspective on that topic based on your own experience.

  3. HelenTheHermit

    I’m not even sure what sport you were talking about, but I still enjoyed it.

    I look forward to more!

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