A Place for Everything & Everything in It’s Place

Whenever I try to clean my room my bed becomes a holding bay for all the items and paperwork without a home. After everything else is fairly straighten up I’m usually left with a bed full of knick knacks that I don’t want to throw away yet have no place to put. Sometimes I just leave them on the bed…indefinitely. Good thing I have a Full size bed. I basically have 2 adjacent twin size beds. Like a 60’s sitcom husband and wife. Except, my wife is a PBS programming guide some mango insence I bought in Hawaii 3 years ago but never burned.

QSN:I actually have never burned insence. Why would I ever buy insence? It’s just like that Kente clothe vest I copped back in 93. I had to know somewhere deep inside that I would never wear it. Did I think I would get invited to an NAACP African themed awards show?

Tidying up is cool but what I really need is a complete make over. When I do upgrade my stuff, it’s going be hard to know where to start. I actually started already though. Your boy got himself a flat screen. Not sure if I really need a 32″ LCD High Def TV to watch Seinfeld and Kramer re-runs but what the heck. But now the TV looks like it showed up to the wrong party. Like a guy in a tux who shows up at a Hawaiian shirt kegger. Because of the TV I had to get a nice stand to put it on. But now my nightstand has to go. It’s bringing down the property value. And that cardboard box can no longer double as a desk. This TV is sure costing me a lot of money.

Maybe I could get one of those TV shows to come and fix up my place. Although, I don’t think my story is compelling enough. Maybe they’ll come once they hear my latest announcement.


That’s right! Hence the room clean. Although, I may be reporting live from my bathroom or living room. Any whoo. I figure I would take questions from the masses. And by massed I mean 20 people who read my blog and each week answer one of them via video. The questions can be about anything: relationships, economics, politics, sports… you get the picture. So please email or Myspace me with your questions.
Here goes nothing….

QSN: Quick Side Note

4 thoughts on “A Place for Everything & Everything in It’s Place

  1. Phil

    That’s sounds cool man.

  2. me!

    Good idea.

    In fact, the other day after reading your blog, I actually thought to myself: “Why isn’t Dwayne doing a video blog? It’s a no-brainer.”

    (I may not have used those exact words in my head, but the thought was definitely there.)

    As to cleaning the room, it’s overrated. Remember — you’re an artist. If anyone asks, just tell them that a messy room is an essential part of the creative process.

    Besides, your video blog is going to be more interesting when you take it to other places. Don’t do it all from your room.

  3. Anon

    Too cool – I am looking forward to the video blog – are you going to get a theme song going?

    I know what you mean about picking up – I do the same thing – everything gets pick up and stacked on the bed or the sofa or whatever other flat surface there is – and it all looks nice until you turn around and see the mound of stuff threatening to avalanche.


  4. Joe Morsi

    dwayne, huge fan, 1) when are you coming to michigan (where i live) 2) i was watching last comic standing last week and i noticed that you were on the show, but they didnt show you perform and you didn’t make it to the next level, ive seen your standup and you’re very hilarious in my opinion, so I’m wondering, is LCS rigged? is at least biased as hell? do you know why you got cut? How the hell did Ant make it so far in season two? and how do you feel about obama wanting to put 50 billion back in the economy

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