What I Really Want to Know Is…

So there’s this guy on the Today show last week with an incredible memory.* He remembers everything in his life from age 11 on, and he’s probably in his late forties. He remembers the time, date and day of every event in his life. He also can tell you things like what day of the week it will be when he turns seventy-five. He knows all the upcoming leap years and lunar eclipses. All this without any thought.

A guy with this kind of mind must work for NASA or teach at MIT right? But when Matt Lauder asks memory Man what he does for a living, he says he’s between jobs. I know slackers with negative motivation who don’t go a week without landing a gig. Why didn’t memory man lie? Say you’re a consultant. Say you’re working on a project. Say you’re a freelancer. Heck, Say you’re an actor or a comedian. But please don’t be on national TV touting your mental prowess and follow it up by saying you’re unemployed.

He should just rent himself out for Trivial Pursuit or those trivia games in the bars. I would pay him to feed me answers into an earpiece.

MY FRIEND1: Why is Dwayne betting on Trivial Pursuit?
MYFRIEND2: So unlike Dwayne but I’m gonna take his money because how much could he possibly know about Australian Aborigine culture?
DWAYNE: I believe the answer is Corroboree. Pay up!!… What?…Nothing’s in my ear. Ok…game over…time for you guys to leave.

I just hope this guy’s connection with his past hasn’t robbed him of his future…or present for that matter.

*Memory Man Rick Baron

One thought on “What I Really Want to Know Is…

  1. Anon

    The part that scared me most about the guy was when the cut to him during the tease for the segment – he stood there, tongue between teeth with his mouth open…a more subtle Michael Jordan going for a dunk – but when he realized he was doing it – he reeled his tongue back and shut his mouth – briefly. Why can’t someone who does something so incredibly geeky/cool actually look like someone you’d want to sit next to on the subway and no the one person you pick out of a line up of suspected pedophiles??


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