Pretty Crazy in Pink

You can file this under “Only in LA.” I recently saw a woman wearing all pink at a commercial audition. (We weren’t going in for the same part) Everything was pink: her outfit, accessories and even her dog. Yes, she had a Pink dog. My uncanny ability to ease drop on nearby conversations was not well served. With no headphones or way to stop my brain and ears from teaming up, I was at their mercy to capture then process the Lady in Pink’s conversation. Without a hint of irony Ms Pink told another lady waiting that she dyes her dog with Beet juice once a month to achieve the Pink coat.

The really sad part: the other woman was intrigued and I’m pretty sure was making a mental note of the beet brew. So Ms Pink is spreading her gospel. I guess I’m spreading her gospel too. I trust none of my readers are going to use this beet juice knowledge for evil.

This is a clear case of style gone wrong. There’s simply not enough hugging in this world. Please hug someone today. You might save a dog from a beet juice baptism and a doggie sweater. Now you know why the dog is Man’s best friend.

QSN: The dog was a poodle. But you knew that. I wrote a blog about beets a while back. It’s actually good to see someone find some use for beets, aka the most disgusting food known to man. **

**Blog Warp to my previous post on beets.

One thought on “Pretty Crazy in Pink

  1. Petrice

    Must be an LA thing because I recently saw on the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan help a woman who not only wore all pink everyday for over 20 years (she said this) but also dyed her should be white dog pink (I’m not sure of the method used) and everything in her LA apartment was PINK. It was like a gallon of Pepto Bismol exploded in her home. I nearly adjusted the tinting on my tv. I felt bad for the dog, not only are they already color blind but the only color you get to see is pink. Poor thing. I think I’d need the Dog Whisperer too if I lived in the Pink House.

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