I recently had a very small role in an independent pilot. The goal with these things is to shoot your own pilot and try to get a network to buy it after the fact. You wouldn’t believe the caliber of talent you can sometimes get to do these things. It would be like going to a pick up basketball game and seeing Michael Jordan there. Jordan loves playing b-ball so it makes sense he would jump in on a street game from time to time.

On this production, they were able to get Ray Parker Junior to co-star. Ray Parker Junior wrote and sang the Ghostbusters Movie theme song. He was uber cool. And best of all he still loves the Ghostbusters song. You can say “Who you gonna call?!” and he will say “Ghostbusters!” That’s cool. It’s probably incredibly old for him but he won’t deny you your fun…A true gentleman. Jimmy Walker won’t say DYN-O-MITE! Henry Winkler would rather not say Ehhhhhh! Now all I need to hear is that Shucky Ducky won’t say Quack Quack.

These catch phrases mean so much more to us. They conjure up memories of times long gone. We can never go back to grade school but we can say “What you talkin’ about Willis?!” Where were you when you first heard “I’m Rick James Bitch!”?

Why the Peanut costumes? Long Story. Let’s hope the pilot gets picked up so you can see why.