Plum Terrific

I had a plum from the ninety nine cents store that I think came from the Island of Dr. Moreau. Either, this plum was doing an uncanny impression of an apple or some mad scientist is somewhere rubbing his hands together saying…”I’ll make millions!” It had a stem. It was red, with a little brown. It had an apple shape. I was thoroughly impressed. For a second before I ate it I thought about putting my plum on America’s Got Talent……Nah! (Crunch!) Plum out of luck.

One thought on “Plum Terrific

  1. Ikemefuna


    I have a serious question. I have gotten interested an aesthetics and I want to find out something. When you write jokes or when you practice telling them, what makes you say, “ah, I’ll tell it this way”? As a comedian, what makes a joke funny?
    I’d appreciate any sort of response.



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