Roll With Me

I want to buy a pair of sneakers with the roller blade wheels built in. I know, I know…I’m too old to be gliding across Starbucks. But I’m not “break your hip if you fall” old. I probably should get in some more tumbles before tripping becomes a death sentence. Imagine rolling into a business meeting in a 3 piece suit.

BUSINESS ROLLER: We make this deal or I roll…literally.


2 thoughts on “Roll With Me

  1. Anonymous

    Oh, me too! I see those little kids gliding around on their sneakers and get so jealous…

    Btw, I think you’re hilarious and verrry clever. Came across your site recently after having been a fan for awhile. Thanks for making me laugh so hard!

  2. mr bad guy

    lol….funny..hey I know this is not the usual way of doing things but I represent the African Students Association For NJIT ( New Jersey Institute of Technology), and I was wondering whether you would be interested in being a host for a fashion show we are planning. I’ve seen your stand up and your definitely what we need right now to boost the depressed spirits of techie students. Umm….I’ll try sending an email through your website but if you are interested in participating then you can please reach me on this email address: [email protected], so we could discuss further details

    My name is Chinedum, by the way, and this is definitely not spam.

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