No Man is an Island*

I returned to my car after visiting a friend to find that I couldn’t find my keys.After an extensive search of his place and the perimeter of my car, I could only conclude that I maybe left the keys in the door and someone had them.I never lock my keys in the car because my base level ’04 Saturn Ion has manual everything.People get in my car and take 2 minutes to figure out how roll the window down.Then they take another minute actually rolling the window down.** I guest-ti-mate that rolling down and up a manual window burns 8 Calories.So my car is like a traveling Gym…when you think about it.

My friend and I went to grab a bite, he drove, to maybe let my mind marinate a bit to figure out where I put the keys.Before we left I looked longingly at my car thinking that would be the last time I saw “Da O–Four.”

After washing down my protein style Double Double*** with some Diet Coke, we returned to resume the key hunt. Good news: the car was still there….whew.Bad news: We still couldn’t find the key.After another solid 10 minutes of our key quest, I noticed a small piece of paper on my windshield. I opened the paper and it was a tiny note that said “Check the Gas Tank!”I did as instructed and alas my keys where there safe and sound.The person took nothing and did not even leave their name or number.Thank you…Person who put my keys in the Gas Tank! Thank you soooo much.

I’m a victim of an R.A.K. (Random Act of Kindness.)I hope to pay it forward in some way or another.Maybe I’ll finally help that African Minister of Finance that’s been sending me emails about his 80 Million dollar oil reserve he needs to put into my checking account.

This all happened in WestwoodCalifornia.SorryBrooklyn, but if this happened in my hometown, this blog would have been about how I had to buy a monthly metro-card because my car got jacked.

People, People who need People…^



**Check In and Out burger. Protein style means with no bun wrapped in extra lettuce.

^ People – Popular Barbara Streisand song.

One thought on “No Man is an Island*

  1. Ungeheier

    I had something similar happen once out here in Phoenix. I had dropped my wallet while getting out of my truck (it was sitting on my lap, which it normally isnt). By the time I got into the mall and figured out I didnt have my wallet, I went back to my car to see if i had left it inside the car.

    Nope. Not in the car. Then i take a peak at the ground.

    Someone had taken my wallet and put it behind my front driver side wheel. I was bound to find it if I backed up over it right?

    The one problem with this, is that Ive almost been run over at this mall twice (by women in SUVs no less) and I was walking on the sidewalk during both attempts at my life.

    Maybe they drove over someone else’s wallet that was placed in the parking lot?

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