Throw Some….

The song “Throw Some D’s on that Bitch” is my new favorite guilty pleasure. And now that Kanye West is on the remix, it’s on for real. The original song was about putting- excuse me- throwing rims on a car (twenty inch rims to be exact) Kanye’s verse is about girls getting fake boobs (size D cups to be exact.) Not sure if you know this but every time you listen to “Throw Some D’s…” you loose .278 IQ points. But ahh it’s so worth it. You know what the song also has become?…You guessed it, my response to everything. It’s so much fun. Even if it makes no sense; in your next conversation with a friend make “throwing D’s” your response to anything.

FRIEND: I think my dog is sick.
YOU: Have you tried throwing some D’s on that bitch

FRIEND2: I think Barack Obama has a real shot at this thing.
YOU: I like his chances more if he throws some D’s on that bitch
FRIEND2: What?!

WIFE: You never take me out anymore!
HUSBAND: C’mon honey. Why just last week I threw some D’s on that Bitch.

Hours of enjoyment!

On a side note:

It’s good to see all areas of the country acknowledged by hip hop. Dirty South, East Coast, West Coast, Mid West, hell even Toronto in a few songs. But no one ever shouts out the Pacific North West. The 8 black people in Montana feel left out. And I don’t know about you but my posse stays on Broadway.

2 thoughts on “Throw Some….

  1. craig

    Just a quick word of support… Your standup is absolutely hilarious, as is this blog. I think your comedic voice is unique, and thankfully you’re gifted performer too. So keep up the good work. We’ll keep reading.

    It’s nice to have a place to check in every once in a while and get some fresh comedy from the mind of DP.

  2. Spiritual Ninja

    dawg, u never disappoint me man, I love this post.

    for the love of God, come out with a new album.. i bought and lost ur first one and I am going to get the MP3 version tonight to replace it.

    I almost came to oneo f your shows in Houston( I lived 3 hrs in Austin then) but I lost my job.

    I got a job now so if you roll up to Dallas Texas, I will be there waiting.

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