Hotel? Do Tell

Recently, I spend a few days in the Grange hotel in Toronto. I found this jewel on it was the cheapest place that had all the amenities I wanted (mainly parking and internet.) The place was great. But I definitely got the feel that this was an apartment building with a few non-rented units they decided to pimp out.

There were mail boxes in the lobby. I saw a guy in flip flops coming down to check his mail. Another couple had groceries, but way too much crap for a short hotel stay. Another guy, had his dog in the elevator to go for a walk. And not the cute dogs you carry around in a bag, a huge stay at home dog with dripping tongue and all. My room had a kitchenette and the iron was in the hallway. We had to share. I felt like I was staying in a commune without the ideology.

ME: I’ll have the communal lifestyle and … could you hold the sing-a-longs.

It was kind of like renting a car from someone’s house. Maybe Mavis instead of Avis.

MAVIS: Well, no one is using that Corolla in the driveway. How about I let you use that for a few days? You gonna be needin’ the coverage baby?

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