Word to My Trust Fund

I’m walking in New York’s Upper East Side. I pass a bunch of white kids in a circle rapping and beat boxing. In the rap world that’s called a cypher. Now there’s nothing too strange about white kids rapping. But these were like prep school, Abercrombie wearing, trust fund having types. Half of them were girls. They kind of looked like an a capella group gone wild. I think I counted 6 Navy Pea coats and 4 pairs of Dockers. Eminems they were not. You gotta love Hip Hop.

Funny… you’ll never see a bunch of black guys in wife beaters and Du-Rags playing hacky sack.

2 thoughts on “Word to My Trust Fund

  1. Anonymous

    I’m always amused (in an annoyed way) by how white kids in their god-awful SUVs bump hip hop and rap on the Westside. I would respect them a little bit if they can do the same in Watts or Compton.


  2. Phillip

    I could sit here and rant on and on about how white america has taken and killed many things of the black culture… But the fact that the chance of 3 out of 10 of the kids will be my boss in 10 years is stopping me from doing so.

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