Hunger for the Arts

I recently went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. I don’t know why but I always seem to go to museums on a completely empty, haven’t eaten in six hours, stomach. It makes for interesting viewing. It’s hard to focus or enjoy anything because you can hardly stand-up. And forget about reading the little plaques next to the art works. My friend couldn’t understand why I spent 20 minutes looking at a painting of a woman holding a sandwich. She’s all “That’s not even a part of the exhibit! It’s just a sign for the cafeteria.” And I’m all “Let’s check out what fine art they have in the Cafeteria.” The answer, of course, was none and the more devastating news…the cafeteria was closed.

“That guy must really be moved by Van Gogh’s work…look, he fainted!”

2 thoughts on “Hunger for the Arts

  1. Anonymous

    Don’t go to a modern art museum. When you pass out, they’ll just think you’re an exhibit. On the other hand, you might get a grant…

  2. Phillip

    *get’s an idea for a sweet summer vacation project*

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