Best Gig Ever

I recently did a show with a friend of mine. He set up the gig and I was just happy for the extra change. We get to the gig to find out it’s outside at a fair and there are kids running around all over the place. Doing a stand-up comedy show outside, at a fair with little kids running around is like swimming in piranha infested water with rocks in your trunks. The rides and games were all going on during the show. I had to scream, “Thank you! Goodnight!!” at the end of my set to let people know I was done and they should stop playing skee-ball for a second and clap.

One thought on “Best Gig Ever

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Dwayne!

    Sounds like it was a fun gig… not quite like the Lycee but still fairly good for your self=estime. I got reelected into the Student Council, but this time I’m the president! We’re looking at possible comedians, and your suggestions seemed pretty good! I owe you one man! Alright you stay funny, and try not to punch any of those speed-popping kids next time you do a gig!

    – ramzi

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