But I Play one on TV

An old college buddy of mine recently emailed me with an odd admission. A few years back I was in a GE commercial where I played a doctor who goes to Africa with a portable ultrasound machine and helps the natives in need of high tech western medicine. I actually did go to Africa for a week. An amazing experience indeed. It was a touching commercial, 1 minute long and ran during the ‘02 winter Olympics. It seems my buddy from college saw that commercial and thought I was a real doctor. Not happy with his job at that time and inspired by the fact that an old buddy had become a doctor he decided right then to go into medicine and now he’s in med school. Good thing I wasn’t in a commercial for the circus he might be walking the high wire for pennies. I guess GE does bring good things to life.

2 thoughts on “But I Play one on TV

  1. Anonymous

    Sounds like a stalker to me.

  2. Phillip

    Wow that’s either one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard or the craziest… I don’t know which. Either way he’s probably gonna make more money than you…

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