Where Are My Roots?

Here’s an excerpt from a conversation I recently overheard in a Los Angeles coffee shop. Both women were white.

Women 1: I bet you were Asian-Pacific in your past life.
Women 2: Actually, I think I was black in my previous life.
Women 1: What makes you say that?
Women 2: People always say I was black in my previous life.

Is this something that comes up often? Always? Has guessing what someone was in a previous life become the new “what’s your sign?” I envy anyone who lives in a city where this conversation would have NOT been normal.

“In my previous life I was a Persian Virgo with a moon rising in Gemini.”
“Oh, that’s why we get along so well!”

2 thoughts on “Where Are My Roots?

  1. Phillip

    Hmm… Never heard that but it could just be a white thing? *srugs* I now know why I feel a strange atraction to swedish meatballs…

  2. Sue

    i dont know about race, but I’m pretty sure I was an asshole in my past life.

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