Not You Again

I’m riding in my homey Dan’s car. At a red light we look over and see some friends. Now, one kinda cool thing that happens in LA from time to time is that you see people you know in traffic. It’s actually not that random or special but your mind always tells you something cosmic just happened. So we exchange pleasantries and bask in the unlikelihood of our chance encounter. The light turns green and both cars drive off. We proceeded to be right next to them at the next 9 lights. We couldn’t drive 2 blocks without hitting a light. The first 3 lights we looked over and nodded. Remember us from 3 blocks ago. After that it got real awkward and uncomfortable. I would say we bordered on being hostile. We even considered turning to avoid them but we had already told them where we were going. By light number nine we avoided them like a man avoids looking at a mother breast feeding. You try so hard not to look that you draw more attention to the thing than if you would just look. I guess familiarity does breed contempt.

3 thoughts on “Not You Again

  1. Phillip

    Wow makes you wonder who really your friend is… Maybe not but still wondering none the less.

  2. Phillip

    ya sorry about the bad grammar…

  3. Anonymous

    I feel you dog

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