Adventures in Senior Living

There’s a retirement home in Westwood California whose slogan is “Adventures in Senior Living.” Not to be ageist or anything but what adventures do they have in mind. The mad dash to the Jello table? Senior Macarena night? A denture treasure hunt? I’m not saying seniors aren’t vibrant and viable. Hell, they probably still knock boots. I know I plan on mixing it up with my prosthetic hip when the time comes. But when you say Adventures you just remind everyone that they are not adventures. It’s like calling a fat guy skinny. It doesn’t make him feel better. It just reminds him that he’s such a tub-o-lard that people have to go out of their way to say the complete opposite. Or maybe this senior home is serious and run their seniors through an intensive boot camp. Maybe the seniors at Westwood Horizons are the first to go in.

“We do more before the Early Bird special than most retirees do all day!”

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Senior Living

  1. JStakes

    Maybe they should call it “Senior Living Extreme!” instead, if they adopted your program.

    Woo hoo, dude. You’re one of my favorite comedians. I’m glad you’ve started updating your blog more frequently.

    And I must say, I feel kinda rad inside that we both share the shittiest template on the planet.

    Didn’t you work designing websites and crap?

    Keep it real, Tae Bo G.

  2. dwayneperkins

    lol very funny my man. I mainly did the crap. I’m not too graphical. I like the slimmed down look because I want folks to focus on my words. Do you think I should spruce it up a bit?

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