Does the Bus Stop here

As a cool down to a very exhilarating Tae-Bo class (that’s not the joke 😐 ), the teacher broke into the Electric Slide. Also known as the Bus Stop. He didn’t really explain it but it was fun watching all the people who didn’t know how to do it fall over themselves. And watching the folks who did know it have so much fun while not helping the others. Okay… it was fun watching the white people completely lost while the Blacks, Latinos and White Girls with braids cut the rug.

2 thoughts on “Does the Bus Stop here

  1. Phillip

    Yes I do find the laughing at white folk that can’t dance or think they can but really can’t. And I think it’s totaly fare not to teach someone how to do common dances like the Electric slide. If your going to a dance or somewhere where that can break out you really should prepare yourself and learn the basics. How many weddings have you been to where the ES has broken out. Well for me everyone of them.

  2. Sweet Pia

    In addition to ES, people should also learn the Chicken Dance. Summer/Wedding Season is coming up. You don’t want a white person to laugh at you for not being able to to the CD or the Polka and start rumors that Black people can’t dance.

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