Jukebox Hog

I think we need some legislation to limit how many songs a person can play on a jukebox. I was in a bar playing my favorite bar game ‘Funky Monkey’ and my friend played over 30 songs on the Jukebox. That’s complete B.S. At that point you should just rent out the place and hire your own DJ. Where’s his jukebox etiquette?! He basically held the place hostage. I mean, I like Sublime as much as the next guy but we don’t need to hear 3 of their albums in a row in a bar. Give me “Midnight Train to Georgia” or give me death!

One thought on “Jukebox Hog

  1. Gary Dusick

    I agree with you. I always wish that I could just jump in for one song …the I-95 Song by Fred “August” Campbell!

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