Custom like a mo-fo

In Korea, I had the great fortune of buying a custom-made blazer. Think used car salesman but way cooler (no really). On the up side it fits like a glove and MY NAME IS EMBROIDERED on the inside. That’s right my name. On the down side my friends have to hear me tell them that, MY NAME IS EMBROIDERED on the inside, as often as possible, with me constantly finding new ways to reveal the inner pocket showing of the…surprise…surprise…there’s MY NAME EMBROIDERED on the inside

“Excuse me? What’s it made of? I’m not sure let me look…It says DWAYNE PERKINS here but maybe it’s wool.”
“What, the designer’s name? Maybe it’s on the inside pocket…Well, I guess not but I recognize that name! DWAYNE PERKINS but… I didn’t design this ;-)”
“ I know I’m wearing this jacket and I haven’t taken it off since I left the house, but how can I be sure it’s mine…let’s take a closer look on the inside…yep it’s mine!”

I was having an absolute blast bragging about my coat to my friends when a guy walked in with a blazer almost identical to mine, same color and pattern. My friends laughed for 10 minutes. I have never been irritated by someone wearing my same outfit but this really ticked me off. The down side, someone has a blazer like mine. The up side, maybe having my name in the jacket will actually come in handy one day. I’d much rather had not been proven right on that point. The inside of his jacket probably says “100% NOT DWAYNE PERKINS”, so there!

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