Assembly Required

So we got pretty ambitious. 2 city folks, who can barely change a lightbulb embarked on a major project to build a loft bed. Are the furniture instruction writers paid per word? And doesn’t there seem to be an inverse ratio between number of pieces and length of instructions.

“Oh 200 pieces uh? Here are the instructions honey on this postage stamp.” I don’t think the instructions for microwave pizza and a combo entertainment center/computer desk should be the same length.

There are 2 kinds of people. Those who finish and have pieces left over and say “I guess those are extra pieces, we’re all done here”, and those who say “We must have done it wrong.”

Fortunately and unfortunately my girl is the latter. So, 3 hours in we had to undo the whole thing to put in wooden studs! “ Looks sturdy enough to me…Okay fine we’ll re do it but I won’t like it”. Would it have killed the instruction people to tell us what to do with the studs?! I guess furniture makers have warped senses of humor. Very funny Hans!

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