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I’ve been going to the movies a lot lately.  I enjoy watching movies on the big screen.  I don’t enjoy paying 15 dollars to do so.  Also, I’m very critical of movies and of any story telling form of entertainment.  I have spoiled many a friend’s movie enjoyment by pointing out something that didn’t make sense.

FRIEND: You’re right why didn’t he just tell her that her father was there?! Damn it, Dwayne!  Now I can’t like the movie anymore.

Writing a movie is hard and I really don’t mean to be a hater.  There is a solution to my madness though.  It’s called the 3 dollar movie theater.  There are two such theaters close to me in Los Angeles.  Paying 3 dollars really calms the critic beast in me.  All of a sudden I don’t mind if the hero’s been shooting for 20 minutes without reloading.  I’m perfectly okay with no one noticing that the bad guy is in disguise and his disguise is literally a pair of black rimmed glasses.  The 2 minute bomb countdown that takes a half hour becomes acceptable.

I’m not sure how $15 dollar movie theaters can still exist when you can wait a month and see the same movie for 3 dollars.  Wait 2 years and see it for free on TBS but that’s another story.   If we waited in droves for the 3 dollar movie, either the 15 dollars guys would have to come down or maybe the 3 dollar guys would go up in price but we’d find a fair level.

You wait 3 years to watch the entire season of a show you like in one sitting.  Why not wait three weeks to see a movie and get refreshments all for less than just the movie would’ve cost three weeks earlier?

I want to restate that my reasons are two fold.  Obviously the savings but also to lower expectations.

DWAYNE:  What did I think of that movie?  You want my 15 dollar review or my 3 dollar review?  For 15 dollars it’s a big thumbs down.  For 3 dollars it’s a must see….a tour de force!

You get what you pay for but sometimes…“that’s what you get for paying.”

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3 thoughts on “Critically Acclaimed

  1. me!

    Or as Steve Martin said in his debut album:

    “I have four dollars, I guess I’ll throw it in the street…

    “Oh, I can come in here for four dollars? Okay…

    “What happens?”

  2. Colleen Hannush

    I so agree with your point. I just paid to see Spider Man and had not heard any buzz about it. I was having a hard time paying full price to see a remake from a movie that was done 6 years ago (or however long it has been). It is so rare when I am happy to have paid the 8 dollars (living in small towns has its benefits) to see it.

  3. Nique

    Wow! that is such a great point. I never realized it like. We are all so impatient. We all like to see the next big thing. Even if it wasn’t all that great. At least now we can talk about with our friends or brag on it on facebook. I like the idea of the 3 dollar movie theather. I think in my town its 5 dollars. But still you enjoy way more because you saved so much money. Love the yours blogs. And really enjoyed your interview on the mental illness happy hour. 🙂

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