I was walking along Haight St. in San Francisco playing an involuntary game called “Dodge The Panhandlers Who Look Broke By Choice.”  I’m actually pretty good at it.  I don’t have an extra cig, as I don’t smoke and they always ask for “spare” change.  But I had an airplane Sky Mall Magazine in my book bag.  The Sky Mall sells Wind Powered Cell phone chargers, Inflatable Movie Screens and so much more.  Can I really have spare change with these products available but not yet in my possession?  I dare say until I have a Titanium Head Massager then no, I don’t have spare change.

On the corner of Haight and Asbury I spied a Theolonius Monk looking brother sitting at a small desk typing on a typewriter.  It’s hard to be weird on Haight street but Mr. Happy Fingers was succeeding with flying colors.  This guy had somehow scored a 3rd grade school desk and a 1960’s typewriter. That alone is no small feat but to then set up shop outside on a busy corner well that gets your face on Weird Mount Rushmore.

It took all I had to not ask him what he was working on.  Admittedly, I was hating. I knew he wanted people to ask him and that’s the very reason I didn’t.  You want to act like sitting outside and typing is normal?  Then I will too.  I had the mind to go get my own typewriter and join him.  Not so special now huh?

ME: Just typing on the corner too…Ya know, just like we used to do in the old country…can you spare some whiteout?…I do need it!

The only problem with that is what if my action was mistaken for paying homage instead of it’s intended goal of mockery.  What if more people joined in on the ridiculous PDT (Public Display of Typing?) This guy would become our Forest Gump. I was tyyyyyping!!!

In the end I guess this guy won.  I did write a blog about him after all. Whatever he was working on is probably not going to be any good.  Besides the obvious reasons he also didn’t have an outline.