I’m In [email protected]&kin India!

I just touched down, well abut an hour ago, in Bangalore India.  Here’s what ran through my head during my cab ride from the airport to the hotel.

  • I’m in [email protected]&kin India!
  • Thank God I didn’t have to walk to the hotel (not referring to the distance)
  • Those pack of stray dogs look surprisingly well fed
  • Maybe I’m not getting underpaid
  • I think the cabbie’s horn is broke.  It keeps honking for no apparent reason
  • I guess traffic lanes are more of a suggestion over here
  • I think I’ll go ahead and put my seat belt on
  • I really will go anywhere and tell jokes
  • Maybe I should have the cabbie run me to get some Pepto Bismol
  • Here goes nothing!


One thought on “I’m In [email protected]&kin India!

  1. Elbio

    haha! I’ve been to India a couple of times for work and had most of those same thoughts. The people are incredibly nice. If you learn a few Hindi phrases, the effort will be welcomed immensely. Some thoughts I had you didn’t list:

    -I guess deodorant isn’t very popular here
    -These women dig me, but I have to marry them all first?
    -McDonald’s in India? YES! I can finally enjoy an..Aloo burger? Aloo = Potato? shit.
    -This exchange rate makes me feel like I’m in the top 1%!

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