Back To The Future

So, last week Wednesday I successfully traveled back in time. Without the aid of a flux capacitor or a magical phone booth I warped back to 1994. Before I get a bunch of emails and phone calls from jealous scientists looking to steal my time travel patent, let me explain how I accomplished this feat…

I left my cell phone home. Ever do that? At first a wave of panic came over me. I was already running late and too far away to turn back. I was cut off from the world. I would have to learn how to eat off the land, start fires, determine which berries are safe to eat. Sure I had money in my pocket, a car full of gas and other cars all around me but how would I contact anyone? More importantly how would they contact me?

As my thoughts spiraled and I began to accept my own personal Armageddon, Lisa Loeb’s “You Say” came on the radio. Then I realized that I had basically warped back to 1994 and everything was going to be okay. That’s right, there was a time when I drove in my car without the ability to phone home. I made it through 1994 okay, maybe I could make it through a ½ day without my phone. Although, then I started to get upset that I didn’t have my beeper on me :-). As I sat at a red light being calmed down by Miss Loeb…

MISS LOEB: …I don’t listen hard, don’t pay attention to the distance that you’re running to anyone, anywhere…

Just then a brother walked by my car sporting a bulbous afro, bell bottoms and yellow Chuck Taylors (he had actually warped to 1994 from 1977) Apparently, I wasn’t the only one time traveling.

I just may leave my phone at home more often.

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